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Perhaps I don't wear you
on my sleeve
openly, like other people do.

Certainly I don't talk
about you
very often, even when there is
a good reason to do so.

But every month I upload
a new picture of you
on my computer screen
(at work, where everyone can see you)

Sometimes it is that perfect shade of
the blue sea, that makes them turn
their heads and look

At other times, it is the mystery of
those nocturnal backgrounds and street
lights, that pull them close like moths
to a flame

They stand behind my desk and only when
they ask that question (predictable now)
"Is that your country????"
I turn and nod already guessing their next
words : "What are you doing here? It is gorgeous!!"

And I smile as if I know the
answer to their question.

Loreta Muskardin ©
Milford, CT
Loreta Muskardin

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